ARRL DX Contest 2002

Total Q's: 2085 - ARRL Score: 1,150,920
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Eddie - K4QFF makes ready some of the dipoles
Eddie - K4QFF keeps the sked and makes a few contacts. Tony's been playing with MIXW on the laptop.
Bob - WA4PUJ makes a few QSOs too
Tony - WA4UPE gets his feet wet too
Bob - WA4PUJ makes satellite contacts, Tony - WA4UPE tunes the receiver
Bob - WA4PUJ contacted Eddie - K4QFF using his handi-talkie through UO-14. Tony - WA4UPE listened
QRZ? This is K4QFF/TI8 ... Bob - WA4PUJ will do anything for a contact
One each TA-33: cut down and packed in a golf bag... now comes the work
Hey! ... Y'all goin' fishin'? ... What? ... Put the beam on that?... No way!
The TA-33 elements go together and are ready to put on the boom
We assembled the TA-33 beside the tree we were going to use to hang it. The bamboo idea was shelved for rope and a pulley over a tree limb.
After balance is checked, the feedline is attached
As Eddie - K4QFF and Tony - WA4UPE hoist the beam, Bob - WA4PUJ and Patty - kg4ncp guide the antenna
Patty - kg4ncp helps guide the antenna
As the TA-33 goes up you can clearly see the lines used to stabilize it In this position the beam is pointed Southwest and will be turned North.
The TA-33 is in place. You can see the pulley and the ropes over a tree limb.
The beam is in place and pointed North.
Bob - WA4PUJ tromps through the undergrowth in the "bushmaster" boots putting up the 75 meter sloper. The bushmaster is the largest pit viper in the Americas and has been seen up to 12 feet long. It is deadly and the fear about wandering in the brush in sandals led to the local purchase of the boots and the nickname.
The TA-33 can be seen just above the roof line... time to start the contest!
Bob - WA4PUJ and Eddie - K4QFF start the contest on 15 and 10 meters. The radios are a Kenwood TS-570D on the left and an ICOM 706 on the right. CT Log is running under DOS on both laptops and networked.
The light fades outside and the bands warm up.
Tony - WA4UPE, Eddie - K4QFF and Bob - WA4PUJ
Tony and Bob busily logging contacts
Eddie loggs another contact as Tony changes frequency because of QRM
Through the window screen you can see the concentration of the ops. See the fan? This place is NOT air conditioned!
Bob and Eddie knock 'em out
QRZed contest... Bob means business
Go get 'em Eddie!
You have to love the voice recorder built into the TS-570
Bob and Eddie ponder staying for contacts or go for the sunset
QRZed contest... just a few more...
"Hey, I need those multipliers..."
"We've got a station on 15 right now... let me give you his frequency..."
Can it get any better? Thanks to Patty - kg4ncp and Kathy for all their support!
QRZed contest... just a few more...
"Man! Half an hour to go and I'm in a run on 40!"
It's done... the 807s are cold... RUN TO THE BEACH!
Total Q's: 2085 - ARRL Score: 1,150,920
Tony - WA4UPE touches base with home and arranges a contact on RTTY
MixW running on a laptop provides RTTY and PSK31 contacts.
The piece of bamboo on the right came from Eddie's fishin' pole.
The interface lashed together for RTTY and PSK31
Patty and Kathy cheer on the sunset... and the end of the contest...



Last updated March 27, 2005