Ebay - Cheaters and Others
It is unfortunate that some people don't understand that cheating is cheating, whether it is on Ebay, at a hamfest or sitting at the poker table in Las Vegas. There may not be much one can do in some cases but that doesn't keep you from telling everyone about it. This is a collection of a few.


We like it, we want it, but seems there are some that just don't get how it's done...
If I buy something from you and you have my money in hand in a reasonable amount of time, it's time for you to give me positive feedback. If you are a seller and you've received my money and you hold out on giving me feedback until you see my feedback on you, don't expect to see feedback from me. That's just not how it is supposed to be done. Feedback is based on the transaction and not on feedback so if you're waiting on me, you'll go hungry. On the other hand, if you've left me feedback, you'll get feedback from me as soon as the item arrives here. If I sell something, feedback is based on how the buyer pays. As soon as he does, he owns the item and my part of the transaction is finished as soon as I leave him feedback.

Shipping and handling charges

Don't try to make up for low prices by charging large shipping and handling charges.
There are others out there to buy from. You're not the only show in town. Not only is it unethical, it's dishonest.