South Fulton
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Fulton County, Georgia


Cochran Mill Park
Location of SFARES' first annual Field Day, June 21, 22 and 23, 2002.
Location of SFARES' second annual Field Day, June 27, 28 and 29, 2003.
Location of SFARES' third annual Field Day, June 25, 26 and 27, 2004.
Location of SFARES' fourth annual Field Day, June 24, 25 and 26, 2005.

This map will help you find the park. Click on this picture to get a larger picture in another window
Directions To the park
From I-285 - Take the South Fulton Parkway (Spur 14) Southwest until it ends at Rivertown Road. Turn right on Rivertown Road. Then... Travel in a westerly direction on Rivertown Road for approximately 2.2 miles until you come to Cochran Mill Road. Turn Left on Cochran Mill Road and travel for about 1.1 miles and turn right into the park entrance. Do not confuse the Nature Center entrance on the LEFT with the park entrance farther down the road on the RIGHT.
From Fairburn - Take old 92 towards Douglasville from the center of town. Turn left on Rivertown road and travel for approximately 6.7 miles until you reach the junction of South Fulton Parkway. Then...
From Palmetto - Take Hutcheson Ferry road West for about a mile and turn right on Cochran Mill Road. Travel Northwesterly on Cochran Mill road for about 3 miles and turn left into the park entrance.  
Once you have turned into the park entrance, continue straight. There is a gate which is kept closed (and locked at night). Go through the gate and down the road until you cross the creek and then come to the field on your right. If you find the gate open when you arrive, please close the gate behind you. We try to keep the gate unlocked during the day while we are there but try to keep it closed and appear locked. Thanks for your help.
Location of the park: Turn South onto Cochran Mill road from Rivertown Road. Go approximately 1.1 miles and the park entrance will be on your RIGHT. Turn right into the park entrance and the road to the site will be straight ahead through the gate. The welcome station will be at the top of the hill, just to the right as you enter the park, under the picnic shelter. (Note, to see a larger printable picture, right click the image and , in Netscape, select view image in your browser or in IE select "save picture as", choose a file name, save the picture and then view with something else <another reason I don't like IE>). Park entrance at the gate (waypoint 025 on the map) is located at GPS coordinates N33.57106° W084.71322°.
Location of the Southwest end of the field.
This diagram illustrates a 500 ft radius circle with the extreme corner of the field on the edge in an effort to maximize the available ground within the ARRL rules. The rules specify a circle with a diameter of 1000 feet.

This is actual GPS data for the Southwest end of the field.

Waypoints: 016 N33.57179° W084.72221°; 017 N33.57226° W084.72260°; 018 N33.57230° W084.72244°; 019 N33.57232° W084.72233°; 021 N33.57212° W084.72136°; 022 N33.57199° W084.72179°. Obviously these are just for reference.

This is an overlay of both the satellite photo and the GPS data showing the Southwest end of the field
Laurie - KG4FDM suggested we might look for the GeoCaches hid at the park. The details are: "Between a Rock and a Hard Place", N33 34.626 W84 42.511, and "Cache Me 'In' A Can", N33 34.240 W84 43.112. See the map above for placement in the park. See others at
More Cochran Mill maps and pictures used to put together the composits you see on this page.

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