(ex WA4UPE, vanity call issued 11/05/2002)

DX Cluster

Access the DX cluster easily on the internet. Two methods I have found that work well are the following:

1 - Telnet: Create a shortcut to telnet.exe which is located in c:\windows. Set the target to read C:\windows\TELNET.EXE cluster.dx-central.com

This link will take you to the information for other DX clusters available on Telnet:

2 - Using mIRC to access Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Internet Relay Chat is one of the earliest methods of chatting on the Internet. The most popular chat client (program) in use today is mIRC. After installing mIRC, open the program. There are a few things you have to enter before using the program.

It asks you for a "full name" and you should never put your full name in there. In fact, don't put your name at all. Put something else in there.

It also asks for an "email address". Don't put your real email address in there either. Put something else like me@me.com in there.

There is a box for a nickname and you can use your callsign for that. There is also a place for an alternate nickname and your callsign-name works there.

If you already have mIRC installed and it's been used, set your call sign as the nickname by typing the following in the Status window:
/nick <your call><enter>
Example: /nick WA4UPE<enter>

Connect to the WorldIRC.org network by typing the following in the Status window:
/server <one of the server addresses below><enter>

Example: /server Holyoke.MA.US.WorldIRC.Org<enter>

Then join IRC channel #CQDX by typing the following in the Status window:
/join #CQDX<enter>

Another window will pop open which will have the DX cluster information and active chat going at the same time. You can chat with anyone in the channel by simply typing in the bottom line of the channel window that opens.

When you're done, type /quit<enter> and close mIRC.


Last update March 28, 2005