Guy Anchors

Anchors for our guy wires are critical to the safety and stability of towers and other support structures. There has been a lot of discussion about which anchors are best. One of those is here:

Many of us have used the Rohn ( GAS604 screw in anchor. The GAS604 is 4 feet long with a 6 inch anchor diameter. The Rohn data specs the GAS604 as having 2,500 pounds holding power ( It is provided with the closed thimble loop on the end of the anchor.

Recently our group has come to like the A.B. Chance ( screw in anchors. The #816 is the preferred anchor and is available for under $20. They are available in the thimble loop or the "Tripleye" large knuckle configuration. These anchors are longer at 66 inches, heavier with a 1 inch shaft and carry a higher holding power rating with its 8 inch diameter screw (see the chart below). Another plus is that the cost is less for a heavier anchor.

The data sheet for the Chance anchors can be found by following these instructions:
Go to ( click on "Encyclopedia of Anchoring". A Java window pops up... select Section B: PDF for printing (Pt1) and go to Page 15. The second page is in (Pt2) on page 5. An image of those two pages is included below.

The Chance anchors are available in Metro Atlanta from:

TRI-STATE Utility Products Inc
1030 Atlanta Industrial Drive
Marietta, GA 30065-0527
(770) 427-3119