Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Internet Relay Chat, IRC for short, is the earliest internet chat. It allows for group chatting or one on one chatting in a mostly unmoderated uncensored envoronment. Read all about IRC HERE .

  • My DALnet Servers - Click this link to display the file contents, then on your browser select "file", "save as" and then select c:\mirc\servers.ini

  • - The mIRC Home Page
    featuring mIRC, the latest and greatest in IRC clients
  • - The PIRCH Home Page another IRC client, preferred by some.

  • - The IRCLE Home Page - another of the IRC clients specifically for MAC.

  • DALnet's home on the web...the complete guide to DALnet, servers, commands, ops info, you name it...

  • - EFnet #IRChelp help archive - formerly Benso's complete guide to IRC with over 600 files - A complete reference to IRC as well as EFnet servers etc... Recommended reading.

  • - The finest on DALnet (and my domain ;)