Poison Ivy, Poison Oak
and Poison Sumac

If you suffer from these alergic reactions like so many do, you can get rid of the horrible itch and blistering almost instantly.

While Patty was suffering with a bad outbreak of poison ivy I went to the web looking for some relief. We had tried all the old standby treatments and they provided only marginal relief from the symptoms but didn't do anything for the continued outbreak.

One of our friends mentioned something they had heard of so I went looking for it. This product, Zanfel, made claims of being able to provide immediate relief. I did a bit of reading and decided to go buy some. It is rather expensive at around $35 per one ounce tube but well worth it. You use Zanfel as a skin wash. It has the gritty consistancy of some hand wash products.

This stuff REALLY works! Our personal experience proved it to us and we don't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It breaks the bond between the oily toxin, urushiol and your skin. The urushiol is responsible for the alergic reaction. You simply wash it away!

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