The Mill
It's an Enco Model 100-5100 Knee Mill
Manufactured in Taiwan, 1988
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The mill in its previous home.
Arriving at my house on Saturday, 04/24/2004.
Strapped and chained, it didn't move...
... In spite of the blowout I had on the driver's side trailer tire out in the middle of I-285 between Roswell Road and Riverside Drive.
More chains and straps, thank goodness!
You can see the base up front. We used an engine hoist to lift the mill up and out of the trailer, then into the garage where it was lifted and placed on top of the base.
Here's its ID
At home in my garage.
Closeup of the Digital Read Out (DRO).
I trammed my mill tonight. I used the calibrated Federal runout gauge that my brother in law gave me a few weeks ago. Also, I went straight to the table top with a six inch span rather than using the glass.

Here are the results:

Front: 0.0
Rear: +0.005 (about 0.00042 across a 0.5 inch cutter)
Left: -0.010
Right: +0.014 (about 0.002 across a 0.5 inch cutter!)

Front: 0.0
Rear: +0.001 (about 0.000083 across a 0.5 inch cutter)
Left: 0.0
Right: 0.0 (nada!!!)

Note that the knee MUST be locked to get these results.

In moving the quill through the entire 360 degrees never had more than 0.001 variation! I'm pleased :)

Had to use two pieces from the side of a Coke can in shimming the front to rear. Left to right is built in so it was easy. Have to get those bolts TIGHT!

Modifications, Tools, etc.