N4LR tower project

Beginning on August 17, 2002

Members of South Fulton ARES gathered at the home of Gordon, N4LR, to begin the raising of his tower.

Participating were: Gordon - N4LR, Henry - KM4O; Rick - KC4HYM; and Tony - WA4UPE.

Gordon had already dug the hole the previous week so we were ready to go straight to filling it!

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Henry almost loses the shovel in the hole
Henry just about loses the shovel in the hole.

Henry beside the shovel and the hole.
Henry holds that same shovel out of the hole.

the hole
Gosh that hole's deep!

Two tower sections ready to go in the hole
It was a foggy morning.
Tower ready to stand in the hole.

The tower in the gravel
Tower standing in the hole.

Ready to mix concrete
We're ready to mix.

Henry starts loading the mixer
Henry starts the first load of concrete as Gordon works on the form.

Henry, Rick and Gordon watching the mix
Henry, Rick and Gordon working on the concrete.

More juice in the hole
Henry, Gordon and Rick add concrete to the hole.

Tony and Henry watch another batch
Tony and Henry watch a batch mix.

Henry watches Gordon move concrete
Gordon pulls more concrete into the hole.

Almost to the top
Almost full.

Rick smoothes the surface
Rick puts a smooth surface on the base.

Time to let it dry
The base drying.

The crew: Gordon, Tony, Rick and Henry
The crew.

On April 13, 2003, Gordon - N4LR, Rick - KC4HYM, Sam - N4MAP, Henry - W4HK and Tony - W4ZT gathered to stack more tower...

Tony feeds rope into the ginpole as Henry looks on

Sam grabs ther rope on the other end

Sam ties the rope to a tower section, Henry is ready to pull

Tony has the ginpole in place

Rick joins Tony on the tower

The crew at work...
Looking good!

Everyone took turns getting dizzy screwing the guy anchors into the ground

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