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Dave Knaus, WA9POV had the same problem with his heart that I did. Dave received his transplant call while out on an Amateur Radio Field Day exercise in 1994. Dave has donor cards you can download and print. We encourage you to obtain, sign, and carry a donor card. Don't forget the most important step which is to discuss your wishes with your family.

Mike Dulin also has donor cards as well as organ donor related graphics on his site here on Geocities.

Kelly Perkins received her heart transplant about a year ago and would like to share her experiences with you.

TransWeb is THE home page for organ and tissue donation and transplantation. Here you will find all kinds of information on the subjects. There are links to many other sites, stories, pictures, and a tremendous resource for all related material. This site provides valuable information for everyone whether you are a recipient, prospective recipient, family member, donor, student, professional, or just curious.

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