W4ZT Repeaters

Union City, Georgia


This is a view of the 130 ft Rohn 25G tower taken from the front of the house. The repeater antenna is side mounted just below the top. The antenna is a Diamond X510 dual band base station antenna. The side mounted home made dipoles are two meter antennas I use for simplex. The four dipoles are stacked and fed in phase for a gain of 6 db over a single dipole (9 dbi).
This is a shot from the back side of the tower. The repeater antenna is side mounted on the left side just below the top of the tower. The mast sticking up out of the top has a home made porcupine like contraption which I built back in the early 80's to help disipate the buildup of static. It effectively reduces the frequency of lightning strikes on the tower. The four home made dipoles below the repeater antenna are used for simplex. The 80 meter inverted vee balun is hanging just below the dipoles.
In this view you can clearly see the Diamond X510 antenna used for the repeater. The mast with the porcupine spines sticking out from the end on the top has been there since the early 80s and effectively bleeds off the static buildup helping to prevent lightning strikes.
These four home made dipoles are constructed of 1/2 inch copper plumbing. They are fed in phase and give an effective gain of 6 db over a single dipole. I use them for simplex. There are two more dipoles closer to the ground and connected to a two meter radio in the dining room. The 80 meter inverted vee and balun are hanging from the bottom of the dipole support.
How to make your tower "neighbor friendly"

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