W4ZT Repeater

Union City, Georgia

Battery Charger

The charger used to charge the four 60 AH sealed lead acid batteries used for emergency backup power is a 3 amp charger by Ibex Manufacturing. The 2 amp charger used to charge the other batteries here is also an Ibex charger model L12-2.0/16AC. It is built from the board and transformer purchased from Ibex and is assembled inside an old XT computer power supply box. The following pictures give you all the views. This is not a kit or a step by step construction project. This only shows you what I did with my project. You are on your own to construct your charger (That takes care of the disclaimer).
This is the Ibex charger board
The power supply fan is connected to the transformer using a pull out full wave (center tap) rectifier and 220 uf capacitor from the old XT supply
A new switch was put in the orginal hole and the original mounting holes drilled out for the LEDs.
A PowerPole chassis connector is used to connect to the battery
When the battery is fully charged only the green LED (connect) glows
With a 7ah battery connected.
With a 60 ah battery connected.
The original 110/220 switch is not used.
  During bulk charge, both LEDs are glowing.  

Use the transformer supplied with the board. The diodes can be 1N4001
as shown or the dual diode rectifier salvaged from the old XT supply.
The capacitor can be salvaged from the old supply as well. It works fine
anywhere from 220 uf to 470 uf at 15 volts or more.

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