Using Andrew FSJ1-50A 1/4" Superflex Heliax with PL-259 Connectors 8/16/2004
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This project evolved in an effort to make new jumpers for an old Phelps Dodge 2 meter duplexer. All of the jumpers, six of them, were each 8-3/4" long. This is a 9" length of FSJ1-50A 1/4" Superflex Heliax with one connector installed. Following are the details of how the connector is installed on the PL-259.
Use silver plated PL-259 connectors for ease of soldering. In this example, the jumper needed to be 8-3/4" long. I cut a piece of cable 9" long by simply cutting with a pair of lineman's pliers.
Prepare the end of the cable by measuring the distance from the end of the cable to the end of a UG-176/U which is normally used when installing a PL-259 on RG-59 sized cable.
I used a sharp Leatherman blade to score the jacket around and then a tapered cut all the way to the end so the jacket could be peeled off.
Be sure to put the outer shell of the PL-259 on the cable to avoid forgetting it later.
Use pliers to mash the end of the cable back round so you can push the UG-176/U over the end and against the jacket of the Superflex. With the UG-176/U in place, score the spiral groove of the superflex between the UG-176/U and the end of the cable with a sharp knife.
Use diagonal cutters to grab the end of the spiral and begin peeling it back around the dielectric until you reach the UG-176/U.
Cut the excess copper spiral off and flatten the end of the copper against the end of the UG-176/U. Cut the foam dielectric back from the end of the cable to within about 1/8" of the UG-176/U.
Using a hot soldering iron, solder the copper spiral to the end of the UG-176/U. Also place a few solder points around the end of the UG-176/U to provide an easy way to solder through the connector body to. Cool the UG-176/U on a damp sponge.
Screw the UG-176/U into the connector body and tighten with pliers. Solder the end of the UG-176/U to the connector body in one spot to prevent any possibility of it turning. Cut the 1/8" remaining center conductor off even with the end of the connector center pin.
Solder the center pin. Solder through two opposing holes in the connector body to insure a positive electrical connection between the UG-176/U and the connector body. Be careful in this step to get a good solder joint but not to overheat the connector. After each soldering operation, cool the connector against a damp sponge.
Screw the outer shell onto the connector body. Measure your jumper to insure you have the correct length. You're done.
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