W4ZT VHF Repeater
Union City, Georgia
146.625 MHz (-600) CTCSS 162.2 Hz
This is the Rohn 25G tower with the Diamond X510 dual band repeater antenna side mounted just below the top. The tower is 130 feet high and was erected in 1975.


This repeater was first coordinated on 146.625 mHz in 1975. It was licensed as WR4APT in 1976 It brings me a great deal of pleasure to see family and friends get together on the repeater and chat. This repeater has been an open repeater since day one. It is open for all hams so don't hesitate to key your radio and say hello!

The South Fulton Amateur Radio Emergency Service net uses this repeater for weekly nets on Tuesday evening and for special events. You do not have to be a member of ARES or live in South Fulton County to check into the net. Please join us anytime you can.

All of your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please identify when you kerchunk and wait for the courtesy tone between transmissions.

Tony - W4ZT (ex WA4UPE as of 11/05/2002)

These are pictures of the OLD repeater. It is no longer a Spectrum 1000. It is now a GE Mastr II and pictures will be posted soon.

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