W4ZT Repeater
(ex WA4UPE, vanity call issued 11/05/2002, ex WR4APT, license issued 2/13/1976)
Union City, Georgia
146.625 MHz (-600) tone not normally required but transmits 100 Hz
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This repeater was first coordinated on 146.625 mHz in 1975 and application for license filed in July 1975.
In those days Amateur Radio repeaters were required to submit frequency, antenna, site and equipment data to the FCC.
After waiting for a terribly long time for the license to show up I contacted my congressman to inquire about the delay. You wont believe it but I have it in writing; CB licensing was holding up Amateur Repeater licenses!
I was licensed as WR4APT on February 13, 1976. I didn't receive the license until March 18, 1976. Who says the old system was better?

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