Prize Winning GS-31 Amp
by Bob, VK3ZL
Bob at the SERG convention 8 June 2008
First prize for advanced home brew competition SERG convention June 8, 2008
Now the details...
Assembled box for GS-31B amplifier
750pf Vac variable anode tune..Note cap is mounted with clamps taken from old electrolytic capacitors
Various hand made chokes for GS-31B amplifier
Pre drilled and etched front panel GS-31B amplifier
Input assembly GS-31B amplifier..Filament choke and B-minus RF choke and bypass caps
18uh inductor for GS-31B amplifier hand made with 5/32 hardened solid copper wire....I didn't bother to make smaller aux coils for 30 and 20 meters as I am unlikely to use those bands..20 and 30 are tapped into main inductor
Behind the front panel
Completed GS-31B amplifier
Sub chassis GS-31B amplifier completed
Top view GS-31B amplifier..Power transformer from AL80B
all pictures used with permission of VK3ZL