My Welding Pictures
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  1. I TIG welded these Razor blades, sharp edge to sharp edge,
    on September 10, 2003. They were the final (exam) joint for WLD150 (Advanced TIG) at Griffin Tech. Welded with a Miller Syncrowave 350, DCEN, at about 5 amps and using the clamping jig with backing gas.
  2. Razor blades back side. Argon gas was used to shield the back side using the jig shown below.
  3. Steel clamping jig with copper inserts used to hold thin material to weld. Argon gas is fed into the copper tube on the left and exits behind the work through holes in the slot. If this picture looks dark, click this link to adjust your monitor:

    Detailed pictures of the jig HERE.
  4. Miller Syncrowave 350
  5. Top of welder showing argon bottle strapped to the rear.
  6. Welding booth
  7. Grinder used for tungsten. No wheel on the right but a plate to hold collets.
  8. The grinder wheel on the left side is covered with a small hole exposed below the bracket used to gude the collet. Attached to the back of the grinder shield is a hose to a vacuum to trap the tungsten particles.