Welding Resources

My Pictures
My Welding Cart - Same pictures but with java windows
Trailer Hitch for my JD LT155
Stick Electrode Chart - a graphic representation of common rods
Stick Selection Guide - a rod selector chart compiled from many sources
Electrode Identification - what the numbers mean
Filler Material - general catagories of filler material
Tig Jig - this is the jig we used to hold small thin pieces and provide backing gas
ViceGrip NMO Antenna Mount - Making an NMO antenna mount like a popular UHF antenna mount.

Drill Sizes
Welding Fumes - from the Mine Safety and Health Administration http://www.msha.gov/S&HINFO/HHICM10.HTM
http://www.griffintech.edu/ - Griffin Tech
http://proweldservices.com - Speciality welding products and services